Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Used Market is a Good Thing

I said a few times before that I have nothing against the used games market. And that I am not against on-line passes (but that they really need some improvements). I think the used market is not damaging to the industry as piracy, for example. In fact, I like the existence of the used market for a few reasons, albeit the cheaper price is not the main point.

If you ever have gone to Gamestop or the likes in your country, most used games are not that cheaper than the new ones. Usually just $5-$10 cheaper. So, price, to me, hardly is a point to buy a game used. I don't see it as a money saving practice.

Why would I take the used one?
New games usually drop its price over time and if you wait a few months, you can acquire a new copy, with all the on-line passes and bonus DLC for cheap. What i think that the used games market is very good for is to acquire that game you passed months ago and now nobody have in stock. It is a way to play that game you haven't played either because you had other games to play or because you entered the current generation later in its cycle and missed some great games that may not being available new anymore.

Another great thing is trading. If I buy a game I don't really liked and find someone with a game I might be interested that he don't like, we may trade games. No middle man profiting of the transaction, just me and a fellow gamer coming to an agreement.

I hate the used market at Gamestop an its like. They buy our games for half the price of the new copy and sell it at 3/4 or more of the price of new. This is a blatantly rip off. When possible, if I want to trade a game, I prefer the more direct approach.

I can understand the game industry wanting a piece of the used market share. With billions being made, it just natural to them to want to have some profit from it. That is why DLC and on-line passes exists. But I am against any attempt to kill the used market, like creating a console who does not run used games. I believe that the used game can live within this industry and that any attempt to completely get rid of it will not make a  healthier industry.

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