Friday, February 3, 2012

Perverted VideoGame Comics(?) (rerun)

Everybody have its own perversions. Every single person. Sometimes what you or me do not consider perversion, other person may. It is like that. I know some girls who likes to play some... well, let's be blunt here. Sex games. Yes those eroge, with school girls an plenty of moaning. But I also know girls who hate porn. No, they don't like sex, just watching two or more people doing sex in a pic/video/fanfic. 

From time to time, people talks about some game having some kind of perversion. Be it homosexual relations like in Dragon Age (both of them); an inter-species relation like in Sonic (weirdly, nobody complained about you boning aliens in Mass Effect as much as a hedgehog and a human girl kissing); or school girls bouncing big boobies while their clothes are torn apart. 

But what is sick and disgusting for you, may not be for an entire group of people. For example, doing sex with your wife/husband. And I talking here about real married couples composed by a straight man and a straight woman. In some cultures seeing the naked body of your partner, even after marrying, is a taboo. They do the sex with the man basically fully clothed and the woman covered in a blanket with a hole for the copulation purposes. And no, I am not making this up. Yes, some cultures would see that a married couple seeing it other naked would be some kind of perversion.  Other example is that in some Mid-Western cultures, two men can walk holding hands, while a man and a woman doing it would be a taboo.

I am talking about this because games still treat sex somewhat badly. And the position that many gamers take about it is even less informed or carefully thought. Most games just give us some semi-naked women and some ill-done sex scene to arouse the horny teenager gamer many think we all are. The rest just don't mention that sex is something most people do. 

Gamers, on the other hand, treat the matter either completely childish (boobies or GTFO!) or from that 'holier than thou' attitude. I get many times people saying how you should a complete pervert to like a game where the cast is underage guys talking about sex or showing some skin. First, I want to say that there is not much to do about the first group. Maybe when they grow up and get a girlfriend they will stop. 

The second group must learn to low their pitch forks. Look, I am not playing Ar Tonelico Qoga because 'underaged boobies'. I am playing because it is incredible entertainment. The way they talk innuendos and 'double entendres' are incredible fun to watch. And there is people who may play a game because, you know, maybe the gameplay is really fun, and the semi-naked digital chicks doesn't matter. 

In recent events, many of us have seem at least one pic of female Link. Many, myself included, have asked why not Nintendo make a Zelda game where the player can choose Link's gender just like we choose Shepard's on Mass Effect? I doubt it would make difference. And it does not need to be sexy female link, it can be a tasteful one, like:

If you want to see the sexy ones, Google it. My point is, that not everything is a sexual thing. Maybe there is players out there who would appreciate that their in-game avatar represents their gender, specially in a game where the gender makes no difference in the story. Well, at least in most Zelda games I know of. 

We are all perverts somehow. So stop judging.

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