Sunday, February 19, 2012

A World Worth to Get Lost In


I am playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning right now. The demo sold me hard on this game, and I must say, I regret nothing! it is a great game full of beautiful and colorful scenarios, intriguing characters and story and one of the most fun combat system I ever seem in an Western RPG.

Skyrim, despite all its expansive, lively and organic world, failed to drag myself into it. The uninteresting combat is not what turned me off. The fragmented way it tell its story and how they take their time telling its story made no favors in hooking me up in that world. Amalur did it fast, making me interested to see what happens next. It is not like Amalur does not have its faults, like too many scenarios looking the same. But in a very personal level, Amalur is a best game.

When you create an expansive world, full of places to go, you must make a world worth getting lost into. And Skyrim haven't did that to me. Yes, it have its breath taking scenarios where you can go almost everywhere, while Amalur are more linear and closed. Walking trough Skyrim was never funny or exciting. Again, yes, in a technical level it is more impressive, but it have no soul. Amalur have colorful scenarios, that make me want to see them, sometimes stop and just look around. And I haven't crossing any glitch or bug after all this time. You can make very big worlds with few bugs, Bethesda!

I hope they make a sequel improving Amalur. It is a very solid game that is very fun to play.

And if you want to listen Miku's song, here a You Tube video.

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