Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monopoly (Rerun)

I will not extend myself here. Monopoly sucks (the commercial practice, not the game... OK, the game too). I live in a country where telephones where a monopoly till 1992. This meant that a phone line was worth thousands despite the service being very shit. Today that we don't have the monopoly anymore the lines and fees are cheaper, the service is better (but still sucks) and if my phone company does not provide me with the minimum service I believe I deserve I can always change to another one. 

So, next time you claim how company A is way better than the rest and that should be the only one, remember the thing: free competition is the only incentive a company have to do better! If they are the only one providing this product/service, they have no reason to do better and/or cheaper. Even companies that today we can consider good ones, as soon as they become a monopoly, they very well can became the Empire. They will fuck their consumers. Badly. 

So, never, ever desire for a monopoly. Believe me, nothing good will come from it.

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