Tuesday, February 28, 2012

There and Back Again: Replaying Games

I rarely replay games. One of the reasons is that many, many games don't give you enough reason to play them again. They don't have anything to be discovered or to be done, like the Uncharted series. It is a beautiful, fun game to play and have interesting stories, but once you finish it, the only reason to play them again is either because you want to challenge yourself in harder difficulties or because you want all the trophies. But to someone like me who play games because of its story, it is not to me.

Other reason many people replay games is because they have many content to explore. Mass Effect have high replay value because you can play as male and female and try to see what changes in the game. Maybe you want to see how the romance options goes or how it changes the world if you make a different choice. Those are the kind of games I like most to replay.

Sorry, but with you is one night affair.
For more entertainment that gameplay can be with certain games, I tend to grow tired fast of it. And in certain games, I just cannot deal with the gameplay in order to get to the fun story parts (or pass the boring story parts and get to gameplay, depending on the game). That is one of the reasons I defend all games must have New Game +. Sometimes we just want to see that scene again without having all the trouble to advance past the hard parts.

I know a lot of people get pissed off when that lady from Bioware suggested that gamers should be able to skip gameplay elements. But I think she have a point. I would love many games to have a 'Theater Mode' where we can instead of replaying the whole game, to see it as a long movie, where the CPU do all the job. I know many people hate having even the option, but I would love it. it would make me put Uncharted just to see all the awesome scenes.

The only game I replayed more than once was Persona 3, and manly because it offered me a New Game + who basically allowed me to replay the game without needing to bother with leveling up or battling all my way. If more games allowed me to do it, I would replay a lot more. I always says that a game should never become a chore, because it is in that moment that the game stop being entertaining.

So, I would love to replay more games. Maybe I am just too lazy to do it.

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