Friday, February 17, 2012

That Kind of 'Fans'

Usually, if you ask someone which is the worst kind of fans out there, you will receive a few answers. Justin Bieber fans, Twilight fans and Apple fans are some common answers. But the most common I find around is the sports fans. There is several reasons for that.

Many complain about their blind loyalty to the team. How they close their eyes for the team's fault and are just praise to it. Others about how they belittle the adversaries and their fans, making sure to shout to the wind how their team is the best and any other team an their fans are stupid. It is that kind of fan who will always bring their team and their prowess at light, even when the matter in discussion is not about their team.

And you have the uber-fan, the guy who buy everything with his team logo on it, even if it is a piece of useless crappy. But if you tell him that, he will be all butt-hurt and tell you how an idiot you are for not being a 'true fan' like him.

We all know the type, because the sports fan is very common. But you notice something oddly familiar in the sports fan? Oh, yeah...

Videogame fans are exactly like sports fans. yes, there is a good number who call themselves fans, but see videogames as a hobby, not a way of life in both sports and videogames. But we have a great number of fans who have that exactly same behavior who people mocks on sport fans.

The same blind loyalty, the same need to make their favorite developer/manufacturer seems better than everyone else, how they always try to bring their 'team' in a conversation in a positive way.

The problem with this kind of behavior is that turn people who aren't fans off the hobby. When we see a significant portion of the fans acting obnoxiously, we tend to dislike what they like, even if we aren't being rational. Take all the Apple fans who can't stop praising how Apple is great. Apple really do good hardware and software, albeit very expensive. But I know many people who completely dislikes Apple because of their fans.

The same goes for videogames. The greater the number of obnoxious fans, less people who aren't fans feels inclined to give the hobby a chance, because they don't want to become one of those unbearable guys who are always bugging them.

It is OK to be a fan. But in the moment you become that person that annoys everyone with your fandom, it is the moment you start to hurt the hobby you like so much.

PS: to everyone waiting, a new comic will be done later today.

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