Monday, February 13, 2012

Don't Buy a PS Vita. Buy A Vita Game.

I know you may be wondering what the fuck I mean by that reader. So, allow me to explain. In videogames, the hardware don't matter that much. that is a fun fact. See, if the most powerful hardware (or at least, the best cost/benefit) was what matter most for gamers, many consoles, portable or not, would never being the great success they were (or are).

If hardware quality was everything that matters, the Gamecube would have wiped the PS2 out of competition, or the Wii would have disappeared in months, like the Virtual Boy. So, why the PS2 and the Wii, to machines who were not the best in town at their times, became such a success?

The PS2 have more games than any other platform. And most of those games became classics, must have and must play titles. If you wanted to play the greatest games, you need to have a PS2. The Wii had all that classic Nintendo franchises that many gamers believe they must play no matter what, and also created that hype of a 'must have' hardware to many people who weren't into games before. Even if those people bought few games, those games were fun to them and helped to sell the console. The Wii Sports that came with the console was reason enough to many people to have it.

The same thing goes for the Vita. If you are still wondering if you want one, what you must do is not look to the hardware. All reviews point that it is a quality piece and it have a good amount of functions that work fairly well. But that does not matter. The Vita could make coffee and yet being not worth having it. Because all you want is the games.

Look at the games that will be released at launch and what is scheduled to come. If you find a good amount of games that you really want to play, then the Vita is worth the money. But if you find only one or two games far between each other, it is better to wait. if you buy it right now, you may be left with an expensive paperweight who will be forgotten at your closet. But if you can see many games that you would buy, then go ahead.

I will buy a Vita when Persona 4 the Golden is launched. It is the game who will justify the purchase. There is several games I want to play too, like Gravity daze and the prospect of many games to come that I may be interested. but it is up to you to make the great question:

There is enough games I want to play to justify a Vita?

To me, there is.

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