Monday, February 20, 2012


I love when someone play my expectations around for the better. I love when I get a new book, movie, TV show or game and the authors/creators make something very usual at first sight and them turn everything we expected around for the better. When they start with pretty standard affairs and sometimes subtle, sometimes 'in your face', changes everything I expected for better.

The one game that completely throw my expectations was Persona 3. I first bought it expecting standard JRPG affair, both gameplay and story wise. My first thoughts about the game it was that it would suck. Man, how I was wrong! It is one of my favorite games of all times! The use of dating sim elements, the dark, contemporary feeling the story passed, the deep themes touched by the game! One of the most grateful surprises I had.

And you? What was the greatest turn on your expectations you had? Click on Comments and let us know!

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