Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Piracy (rerun)

It is funny how people defending piracy always find a way to justify it. I am yet to find a single pirate who admits he do it because he is too cheap to buy a legitimate copy. That is the real reason for most people to pirate a game. See, PCs costs money, consoles costs money, internet connections costs money. So, unless you stole all those things, gaming costs money, even if you are not paying for the games. 

If you are so poor that you can't afford games, maybe you have other priorities, like food, electricity and water to worry about. Entertainment is the first thing we cut if we are in money troubles. And DRM is not the guilty part about piracy, since even games without it, like Witcher 2 are pirated (more about it later). Neither is price, as even games like the Humble Indie Pack were pirated, despite being as cheap as a single cent. And this one was for charity. 

If games are expensive, why not wait for them to drop price, as all of them do? Or buy the cheaper Platinum/Best of/Game of the Year edition? No, mister pirate cannot wait for it, must play it now! And about the demoing it first? How about games that have a demo? The demo is never enough. And how about games without a demo? How to know if it is any good? Playing at a friend's house, reading reviews and You Tube is not enough. 

The truth is pirates always have an excuse, and they use great logical fallacies to justify it. When everything fails, they accuse their accusers of being hypocrites because they must have pirated things before. Well, I did my unfair share of piracy when I was an unemployed student, but it was not to demo the game or to fight DRM. It was because I would not reduce the number of games I play to buy new. It was not lack of money, it was me being a cheap asshole. 

Now, yes, thievery =/= piracy. But it is illegal and immoral. See, if anyone got one of my blogs and start using it in their sites without paying me, I would be pissed AND losing money. I worked hard to do my blogs to see people enjoying it without my consent. 

You can say that not every illegal copy is a lost sale. I agree. But how many are? 1%? 5%? 10%? If companies discover a incredible way that stops piracy, how many pirates will fork the money to buy legitimate copies? How many would really suck it and stop gaming? 

Which leads to the second part. 

Videogame companies are doing their anti-piracy systems wrong. DRM is a utterly failure who just hurt legitimate buyers without stopping piracy. So I think they should give up on the DRM thing. But they can find a way to fight piracy still. 

Why not making a challenge, where people would receive, let's say, 5 million bucks to create a non-intrusive, hassle free anti-piracy system? I bet a lot of the guys who spend their time making cracks to games would spent this time trying to stop piracy. I mean, 5 millions is way worth than playing Batman AC free, right? 

Piracy is wrong. Every time you pirate a game it is you saving $60 while the creators of the game, the guys who spend millions to do it receives nothing from this copy. If you haven't the option to pirate a game, would you stop playing games? If your answer is no, then why you pirate games? If the answer is yes, then why you game?

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